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We are the micro-narratives of Asean youth weaved together, sharing how we expand from a small-self to a big-self.

We discover our common needs, aspirations, and insights on how we can achieve sustainable development in our Asean community, starting from our local contexts. 



small self


We reflect on the stories of asean youth taking steps to expand from the limitations of personal values and world-views (our small–self),  to a greater appreciation of diversity and desire to empathise beyond our own realities (our big–self).  


As we expand our sphere of self, we soon realise the complexity in delivering impact and how good intentions are not enough. Then, we begin to gain a deeper understanding of development: Defining complex problems, going through cycles of experimentations, and the persistent bias for inclusivity required to bridge societal gaps to achieve sustainable development.

AYC is about co-creating an ecosystem that empowers asean youth to have GRIT: constantly learning, unlearning, and relearning to collaborate creatively at doing good beyond good intentions.

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AYC was introduced to

the public by our first enablers  who believe in our BIG IDEA for youth empowerment in the region.

AYC is a program of the Character and Leadership Academy (CLA) with FutuReady Asia, as an initiative for the 2018 Singapore ASEAN chairship.
This program is powered by the National Youth Council - Singapore.

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The inaugural launch of AYC in Singapore

8 August 2018

The AYC launch marked the 51st anniversary of ASEAN. It was joined by about 400 youth, composed of Singaporeans and delegates from ASEAN countries, together with diplomats from different embassies, private sector executives, and representatives from international organizations.



Workshops were conducted during the day with ASEAN youth delegates to weave the AYC story together, and co-create a team strategy on how to design and implement the AseanReady model in each country.


AYC offers an entrepreneurial mindset to generate long-term value (ability, growth, and purpose) for youth as we bridge divides in society beyond good intentions.

Join our network of enablers

We believe that the vision for youth to be partners for sustainable growth is an interest shared by everyone


We invite you to have co-ownership

of this initiative and enable us to

make it possible

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